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KRASNOGORSK 2 16mm Krasnogorsk Movie Camera FULL SET Meteor Lens NEW Rare

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Krasnogorsk 2 Camera
Movie Camera Krasnogorsk 2 movie camera with lens Meteor 5-1.
All are Like NEW cosmetically and in working condition.
The Movie Camera has never been used.
It was many years in the closet.
It comes from a private collection.
Krasnogorsk 2 features:
17-69mm f 1.9 zoom precision Zenit Lens
Continuously variable speed from 8-48 fps
Single-frame animation
Rotating mirror beam splitter
Movie counter


  • Lens: Meteor 5-1 F=17-69mm, f/1:1.9
  • Film: 16-mm colour or black-and-white, size of a frame: 10,05×7,6mm
  • Frames per second (shutter speed) range:à8 (1/20), 12 (1/30), 16 (1/40), 24 (1/60), 32 (1/80), 48 (1/120), and single frame
  • Half automatic aperture setting with the thru-the-lens (TTL) exposure-meter provides the high accuracy of the film exposition
  • Matte screen provides the clearance setting control
  • Parallaxless reflex viewfinder provides the complete correspondence of the field of sight with the shot frame, appearing on the movie film
  • Spring motor-drive works without any battery, one cocking provide 5m film winding
  • The half-automatic film loading into the film track simplifiers and make it faster to prepare the camera for the work
  • Apertures 1.9-22
  • Minimum focusing distance 2m (without close up lens)
  • M42 mount
  • Semiautomatic aperture setting
  • 77×0.75mm filter thread
  • Film counter
  • Viewfinder has diopter correction (+5…-4)
  • Overall camera dimensions (without pistol grip): 326 x 104 x 194 mm
  • Weight: 3,2 kg (camera and lens), 6 kg (All)
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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 25 cm


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