Zenit TTL Matt Black Body Made in the USSR, Vintage Brand New Collectible Rare

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Zenit TTL Matt Black Body Made in the USSR, Vintage Brand New Collectible

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Zenit TTL Matt Black Body Made in the USSR, Vintage Brand New Collectible
Brand new collector’s Zenit TTL camera with brand new HELIOS 44M 2/58 lens.
ZENIT-TTL camera is intended for taking amateur pictures on black-and-white color films.
The camera is provided with a semi-automatic exposure meter operating through the lens (TTL) a self-timer and is synchronized for flash lamp operation. It accepts interchangeable lenses provided, with mounting thread of M42×1 and back focal distance of 45.5 mm.
ZENIT-TTL can be used for special kinds of photography such as reproduction works with the help of extension tubes, taking close-up pictures of small subjects at close distance (macrophotography), taking pictures with the help of a microscope (microphotography) and so on.
ZENIT-TTL camera has the following advantages:

  • semi-automatic TTL exposure meter provides for correct exposure setting when taking pictures with the standard lens as well as with interchangeable lenses and extension tubes;
  • instant return mirror ensures continuous viewing of a subject before and after exposure;
  • high speed lens is provided with a pre-set diaphragm mechanism which automatically closes the diaphragm at the moment of the shutter operation (“A” mode); manual operation of the diaphragm is provided as well (“M” mode);
  • fully open diaphragm ensures maximum brightness of the image seen in the viewfinder; this fact is very important at the moment of viewing and focusing;
  • focusing can be done both by a microraster or a ground glass;
  • speedy exposure setting, the system of simplified film loading, rewinding of exposed film with the shutter disengaging bush in locked position — all these features cut down the time necessary for preparing the camera for operation.


  • Frame size — 24×36 mm
  • Film used — 35 mm, perforated
  • Length of film in cassette — 1.65 m
  • Number of frames — 36
  • Shutter speeds — from 1/30 to 1/500 s, “B” (by hand) and long exposure time

Standard lens — HELIOS-44M:

  • focal length — 58 mm
  • maximum relative aperture — f/2
  • diaphragm scale — from 2 to 16
  • distance scale — from 0.55 m to “∞”
  • Exposure meter supply — from one battery of Mallory “PX-13” type
  • Film speed range — from 16 to 500 GOST units
  • Lens mounting thread — M42×1
  • Light filter thread — M52×0.75
  • Tripod socket thread — 1/4″
  • Viewfinder linear field of view — 20×28 mm
  • Overall dimentions without case — 138×100×93 mm
  • Mass — 1.01 kg
The camera comes from a private collection, it was stored for 40 years in a styrofoam package.
Probably only a dozen or so photos were taken.
The whole screen is clean, no damage or scratches.
Works great.
A lens without any blemishes or scratches.
The perfect item for a collector or as a gift.
Free worldwide shipping.
Shipment very well secured for transport.


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